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Jun 26, 2023

Alex Palacios got into medical school with a 2.7 undergraduate GPA. You're probably asking, "How?" We dive deep into her story on today's episode. This is an episode that you do NOT want to miss! 

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Jun 19, 2023

The first year of residency is one of the HARDEST years of medical training. Dr. Drew Beaubian is an emergency medicine resident who shares her tips on how to navigate and survive intern year. 

We discuss:

  • Should you study after you match and you're waiting for residency to start?
  • How to navigate a difficult rotation...

Jun 12, 2023

I wasn't supposed to make it this far. Or so I was told. There were far better MCAT scores than mine and several medical school and residency applications that seemed to quickly quiet the one I worked so hard to create. At every step of the way, I've had people doubt me, question my goals and even tell me that I should...