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Jul 9, 2018

The personal statement is a sore spot for many causing frustration, annoyance, and just plain avoidance. Unfortunately, it's a required component of many applications. Ugh!

I’ve endured this “fun” task at many phases of my training from college to applying to residency, and I totally get it - it’s tough! Despite your growing to-do list, you’re tasked with writing a jaw-dropping statement that the admissions committee "hasn't heard before" as if you don’t have enough pressure already…

Throw in the towel? Hang on there!

Don’t let frustration hold you back. Rather than filling space with words to write an essay that’s “good enough”, use this as an opportunity to strengthen your application.

In this episode, I share tips on how to first approach this writing marathon.

Ready to start? Join me at the starting line!


To dive deeper, checkout 5 Steps to Writing the "Award-Winning" Personal Statement, a step-by-step course that simplifies what *appears to be an "impossible" process.