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Aug 28, 2023

Jenna Schaefer is an incoming medical student who was told early in her college career that she wasn’t “good enough” for medical school after receiving a ‘B’ in a college course. (Say what?!) For awhile, Jenna wasn’t sure which direction to go and she ended up going to chiropractic school. But, she left to go back to her original passion. 

We talk about:

  • Her journey going from chiropractor school to medical school.
  • How she set up her finances so she could solely dedicate her studying to the MCAT and not have to work.
  • What MCAT resources she highly recommends! (She scored in the 90th percentile!) 

How to get Jenna's recommend FREE MCAT resources: 

  • Send Dr. Trot an email ( with the subject "Jenna's free MCAT resources".