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Jul 23, 2018

The training to becoming a doctor is quite the juggling act. Time feels like a rare commodity despite having a never-ending to-do list. And shoot! Exams are coming up, and you're on call this weekend.

It feels like all we do is study and work with no time left over for anything else.

We wake up early to study or head to the hospital and after a full day’s work, you still have studying to do when you get home. Then you press *REPEAT*.

The time you used to have to be with friends, visit family, and enjoy your hobbies is gone. And it’s tough…

But guess what? You can still have a life and be a doctor!

Today’s episode features Dr. Alison Early who reached a HUGE milestone in her career: finishing her residency training in ophthalmology. As if being a resident isn’t hard enough, Alison had her first child during (yes, during) residency and is now tapping on the door of starting her practice with a newborn.

But how?

Where do you find time to be both a mom and a doctor? Is it even possible? Click play to find out.

Today we talk about:

  • Dr. Alison Early’s journey to becoming a doctor
  • Perks of a combined BS/MD program (what is that?)
  • How to organize your life when you have little time
  • Being a successful doctor mom




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