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Aug 21, 2023

I was once told that Match Day will either be, “The best day of your life or the worst”. And there is some truth to it (likely, not fully). Nonetheless, it’s up there. Match Day very much can be a pivotal moment for people as they find out:

  1. Whether or not they matched (not everyone does).
  2. Which specialty they matched into (some apply to “back up” specialties). 
  3. Where they matched and where they're going to spend the next 3-7+ years. 

Many people applying to residency do match on their first attempt, but what you don’t commonly see on social media or even hear about, are the MANY people who do NOT match. 

Dr. Shelley Jain is a general surgery resident who candidly shares her journey going from being unmatched to ultimately securing a general surgery residency position.

She walks us through:

  • The shock of not matching and how she got through Match Day juggling her own emotions while her friends and classmates were celebrating. 
  • How she “scrambled” into a prelim position. 
  • Why she thinks she didn’t match and what she now tells others who found out that they didn’t match.
  • How she successfully matched the second time into a categorical general surgery position. And, did she need to do intern year over again? 

An inspiring story about grit, perservarance, and hanging on when others would've let go. 

 * * *

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