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Aug 20, 2018

What would you do if you got 50 rejections from medical schools? In one year.

  • Strengthen your GPA? Well, that’s already strong.
  • Add more extracurriculars to your application? You have several already.
  • Improve your MCAT score? It’s already competitive.

May be this is a sign that you’re just not meant to be a doctor.

…Or, is it a temporary detour preparing you for your success not only in medicine, but in life.

Dr. Mike Herring checked off every “must do” before applying to medical school. Combine top grades with college athletics wrapped in with research, you create a competitive medical school applicant.

Of course he’ll get in.

But somehow, Mike fell through the cracks. He was rejected by 50 schools.

Time to give up? No way. It’s time to try again.

  • What did Mike do next?
  • How did he get into medical school the second time?
  • And how did he feel being an “older” applicant?

This my friend, is a must listen.


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