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Aug 6, 2018

We dedicate so much to this process. Hours are spent studying; money slips through our hands like quicksand; and standardized tests become are arch nemesis.

We endure so many hurdles as we work tirelessly to become a doctor but what do you do if you don’t score well on a test? And how do you balance two big dreams: collegiate athletics and the pursuit to medical school?

Today’s episode features Ludonir Sebastiany, a former collegiate football player and now fourth year medical student who faced those questions.

  • How did he manage being a Division I athlete and being pre-med?
  • How did he overcome taking the MCAT 3 times?
  • And why has he continued to push through, and fight for his dream?

It’s one thing to struggle with the MCAT, it’s another to be faced with a very difficult decision leading you to walk away from one of your dreams.

Why did Ludonir give up the NFL for a big stack of books and growing debt? Click play.


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